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Among Graphic T-shirts and statement sneakers

Some people may wonder  why I have disappeared for long time of this space, well… in part with some valid responses how make things that long time ago I wanted  to do, the other one is for personal motives and also get some rest. Isn’t a pleasure abandon my blog because in the end is a place when I like to share one of my biggest passions: Fashion. I will do everything possible to be constant and you can found here a point of view about menswear fashion according as I see it and share information about style, advises and also very soon my personal style. For the people that read my blog yet, thank you and I hope to follow forward as always.
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Great options to gifts for Father’s day

Give a present for father’s day always is a constant, because as always never we know how to gift. Each time that the day  is coming, we have to think well that not given yet to dad and also that he likes it. The truth is the primordial thing of each present is you give it with your heart and not to fulfill the moment of he day, because  we can celebrate this day all the time and not once. If you know well to your dad and to know his tastes and have an idea or think in other cool stuff that it will be great for him, so I show you here some things that could be useful when you going to choose the gift for this special day, so check it out!…
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Style Inspirations Soft Summer Look

Style Inspirations: Soft Summer

I like to show Style Inspirations to you for the simple reason to teach you options of how combine pieces that maybe could be in your wardrobe without found a good sense of use. Sometimes you must to take risks because is the unique way to know if you look great on it or not and specially have the confidence to feel good on it without wait a reaction of anybody because the important thing here is that we like to ourselves and everything else is left over. Of course, also is great when people admire how we dress. The pieces that I show here can be acquired in the links if you want the total look or you can take it like inspiration for your next purchases, so your options are wide to your own possibilities.

This time I was inspired in when you going to some special place to relax or hang out, maybe a lifestyle feeling as who visit to The Hampton or someplace like that and you must to look elegant but to you style. Also because when I was creating the look I liked the contrast between the fabulous bird print of the Dolce & Gabbana Polo shirt and the Gucci‘s check print trouser, he combination looks sophisticated and relaxed but elegant. I added a softer touch with the Paul Smith Sneakers because always is usual combine with white sneakers but this time the opaque rose helps to combine everything perfectly, as additional details, in accessories  I added, a backpack because is easier to carry, a woven bracelet, a simple watch and a sunglasses in contrast with all the look, I hope you like it and se you next time.

Dolce & Gabbana Polo Shirt Collection: Spring 2016 -$274/ Gucci Check Cotton Twill Skinny Pants-$451/ Paul Smith Off-White Leather Lace-up Sneakers-$438.72/SKAGEN Skw6103 Ancher Light Brown Leather Strap Watch-$97.99/ Herschel Supply Co Packable Summer Casual Backpack- Lead Green-$55.11/G-STAR RAW Unisex Sniper Sunglasses-$34.97

Sandals Illustration

A great complement in your shoe rack: Sandals

The sandals have a great time with us, they were an important part of our history, being part of the society evolution and how the vestment reflected the social status and the intellectuality of a person. They stand out among the other shoes for their comfort, easy to use, the fresh that you can be with them and the good that they look with different types of clothing. Read More

In the rain with style illustration

Advices of Style: In the rain with style

Yes, It’s true, we are in summer, a sun that shines hard, the wind, the flowers, the rain….wait a moment, what? Yes, you are not reading wrong, in certain places the rain is a constant part of the climate, some of these places is because the crazy climate change that we are living but in cities as mine where the summer has like roommate the rainy season, there is not choice but to take precautions because everything is so unexpected and inopportune.

But we are not be afraid because we can still be elegant in rainy days, so this post is about a loyal friend of us, the raincoat and her battle friend, the umbrella. Yes, something like Sherlock has to Watson, anyway, both of them should be your allies for when you think that a rainy day is near you can be prepared and as always I have options for you, so check it out!

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Swim shorts illustration

Wardrobe Basics: 6 options of swim shorts for summer

We are in summer, where the sun and the beach are the principal things that everyone wants to enjoy. Think about it, You, sitting in the middle of a paradisaical beach surrounded by the things you love to see (add wink here, if you know what I mean, hehe) a good cocktails, the wind blowing with freshness, anyway, really makes you want to pack now!, but for this reason we need a good pair of swim shorts that help us not just for the beach but for when we are not on it, so I have selected 6 options of swim shorts in two of my favorite online fashion stores: Farfetch and Mr.Porter, so check it out!
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Tropical Hibiscus Style Inspirations

Style Inspirations: Tropical Hibiscus!

The summer is still present, the sun each time is more intense, although in certain places have started to rain intensely. What can we do? Of this way is the actual weather, but this is not an impediment to be well dressed, so this time I have another Style Inspiration for you!.

 In this process to find an inspiration (it’s like when you are in front of the closet and you ask: What the hell I’m going to wear today? with all the options around you) I saw this Topman shirt and I said to myself: Gale, this is a shirt with a risky print, are you sure that people could wear it without fear? There are two instinctive answers to that: My left shoulder voice will say: “Surely someone will shout to see this shirt and despite of all the money in the world, they won’t use that, don’t do it!” and my voice in my right shoulder will say:”Always there are moments; where you should leave your comfort zone and experiment!” I would lie if I say I’m like the left voice because the truth is that I’m like a little of both.

But you know what, always we must to improve and experiment if the fear is still with us because if we are afraid to do something each day that we think that truly could be great, we never know if the result will be good or not. The prints are risky but if we learn to use them correctly, they will look great in us, a I have said previously, the key is in begin with the little prints and then to go increasing the size of them. The print of this shirt, is a popular flower in tropical climates, in my country is called: “Flor de Papo” but its scientific name is: Hibiscus. I took as reference the tones of the shirt to combine with a short trouser in a pink tone that is great for the climate. I finished to ensemble  the look with a bohemian-rustic style (so trendy and something I like so much actually) with a brim hat, woven leather slippers, a medium size messenger leather bag, a watch with a light style for doesn’t overcharge the look, a woven leather bracelet and dark sunglasses for complement the look. It’s a fresh look for any occasion in this summer. Hope you like it and see you next time.

Topman  Hero’s Heroine Red Hibiscus Print Short Sleeve Shirt-$120; River Island Pink Slim fit buckle chino shorts-$50; H by Hudson Ipanema Woven Leather Slippers-$160; Obey Winston Wool Brim Hat-$34.97; The Hamptons Walnut & Gold Sunglasses-$49; Henry London Men’s Westminster Double Date Watch-$152; Caputo & Co. Knotted Wrap Bracelet-$80.66; Bugatti Soledad Messenger Leather Bag-$278.77